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Who We Are

HONER offers services for all phases of R&D, including Product Development, Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, and Customized System Design and Production.
It is made up of young, talented engineers who are open to new ideas and quickly adapt to them.
It provides customers with solutions in the areas of engineering samples, prototype production, and small quantity production using its own structure and all of its capabilities.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide reliable and consistently high quality engineering services worldwide by adhering to engineering ethics and staying true to academic concepts. We realize our goal of becoming a recognized company in Turkey and internationally by focusing on the needs of our customers. We always prioritize customer satisfaction and offer result-oriented engineering solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers on time by providing reliable and economical engineering solutions with a customer-oriented approach. In this process, we provide service without sacrificing quality and continuously improve ourselves. As a dynamic, innovative and creative company, we aim to increase our quality day by day.

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Reverse engineering is a powerful engineering method used to understand and improve the functioning of a product or system. In short, it is the process of analyzing and examining products backwards. Reverse engineering is used in many different fields and has a wide range of applications. Basic Stages of Reverse Engineering Application Areas of Reverse…


  • Simulation And Analysis

    Simulation And Analysis

    Simulations are virtual test environments created by analysis programs that can be used before the production of almost every part. It is the whole of the tests performed in a computer environment in order to prevent the loss of money and time to be spent with physical production. The two most widely used methods in…


  • Industrial Product Design

    Industrial Product Design

    Industrial product design is a creative process that focuses on creating products that improve the daily lives of users by combining functionality and aesthetics. It is a journey from idea to prototype and requires careful thought and engineering at every stage of the product. Our design team takes a unique approach to each project and…


  • PCB Design

    PCB Design

    We stand out with our discipline in developing tested products that aim to comply with industrial and military standards at every stage of electronic design. Throughout the entire electronic product development process, we offer comprehensive services in electronic system design, circuit design, board design, special purpose circuit design, embedded software, schematic drawings and printed circuit…