Mechanical Design

Working with a team of experts in the field of Mechanical Design, our company offers mechanical and electromechanical solutions starting from the design of original products. Especially in line with the indigenization strategy, it aims to produce competitive solutions that help prime contractor companies to reduce their dependence on imports. In this context, designs are realized in accordance with industry norms such as military standards (ISO, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461) and aviation standards (DO-160).

Our design processes include virtual verification and optimization processes involving detailed 3D CAD, CAE, CAM systems. Our services cover the following areas:

Pure Manufacturable Product Design: Comprehensive design services are provided for the durability, functionality and manufacturability of products.

Topology Optimization: Studies are carried out to optimize products according to certain characteristics (mass, raw material, safety factor, active load, cost).

Mechanism Design: Design services are provided up to 6 degrees of freedom in accordance with the requirements.

Machine Design: Integrated designs with mechanical, electrical and electronic components are realized by considering industrial standards, environmental durability, working ergonomics and sensitivities.

Fixture/Jig Design: Production, laying and assembly jig/fixture systems are designed in accordance with their precision.

Mold Design: Plastic injection molds are designed taking into account material properties and production tolerances.

Assembly Line Design: Production intervention systems, transportation systems, conveyors and process systems are renewed in accordance with Industrial 4.0 standards.