Who are we?

HONER Engineering was established in 2015 to provide services in special system designs and productions for the needs throughout all R&D processes to be carried out in the fields of Product Development, Localization Studies, Prototyping, Reverse Engineering.

Our company, which prioritizes adaptation to new technologies, innovation and originality, employs young and talented engineers who can adapt to agile processes.

We take the multidisciplinary R&D processes on our working partners in the workflow processes as a package and complete them according to the target end product understanding and agile project management method in terms of the necessary industrial standards, sectoral demands and technological innovations.

In addition, we design innovations in originality and usage areas with the products and systems we develop and produce in-house.

We aim to diversify solution systems for sectoral services and products, develop a pool of knowledge based on competition and innovation, and establish structures that can respond to and integrate with today’s technological developments.

Technological Infrastructure

Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, MatLab Simulink and Comsol Multiphysics programs are mostly used for design, virtual simulations and environmental verifications in our R&D processes.

Two FDM 3D printers in different volumes that can work with many prototype materials (ABS, PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber, TPU, etc.) are available in our company in order to evaluate all products and structures planned to be designed together with the customer company in the processes of determining industrial design, assembly path and tolerances after rapid prototyping.

In our R&D processes, Eagle and Fusion 360 Electronics and software infrastructures are used in electronic circuit board design processes. With a database in which the stock infrastructures of existing electronic component suppliers are also updated, PCB systems are designed in a way to minimize the impact of today’s chip crises. In this context, we receive board production and SMD typesetting services from our overseas solution partner JLC PCB.

We have THT and BGA component electronic assembly units in order to realize the post-design prototyping of our projects that contain electronic circuit boards and components. We also have oscilloscopes, power supplies, measuring instruments and data logger systems required for electronic performance measurement and verification.

Our software team has the competence and agility to respond to the demands of the client company in embedded and mobile software. We have competencies on IoT systems including the integration of AWS, Firebase and Azure cloud infrastructures.

We have contracted solution partners for sheet metal cutting, CNC machining, plastic injection, painting and coating, CMM processes that may be required during the prototyping stages.

Our Vision for the Near Future

-MOCAP system required for defense industry with H-motion v3.0 domestic production

-Domestic production of MOCAP system for sectors such as physiotherapy, sports, cinema with H-motion v2.0

-Development of medical devices and IOT systems

Development and modular applications of IOT systems and necessary sensors to be used for Smart Agriculture

Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our Services

-Mechanical Design

-Electromechanical System Design

-Industrial Product Design

-PCB Design

– Simulation, Analysis and Validation

-Reverse Engineering

-R&D Consultancy

-Embedded Software Systems

-IOT and Smart System Design

HONER Production – Our Products

-Patented Endodontic Treatment Instrument (Cleando)

It has been obtained by collecting three products used by dentists during root canal treatment application and occupying space on the table in a single product with a modular original design. It includes a cleaning stand, endodontic ruler and endodontic ring.

-Autoclavable File Box (Countdown Box)

It was designed and manufactured to monitor the sterilization processes of root canal files used in root canal treatment and to create an early warning system for the disuse of the file in case of wear and deterioration

-Dental Plaque Box

It is a plaque storage box that can be produced with a special logo printed for the institution or person, where wireless orthodontic treatment plaques, nighttime dental protective plaques and sports plaques can be placed, which are increasing in importance and market share in dentistry day by day.

-Dental Mixer Tip

It has been produced to provide base-catalyst mixing of silicone-elastomer and dental resin structures used for impression and bonding purposes in dentistry and to eliminate the need for a second time-limited mixing process.

-Ozone Generator (in cooperation with YDS Zeren)

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for disinfection of air in closed environments was better understood, After the studies carried out in this field, the ozone molecule has a qualified disinfection capacity, The most important thing to do is to make sure that you’ve got the right and the most effective dumpster for the job. This is a great way to get the most out of your home, and it’s also a great way to get the most out of your house.

-H Motion v1.0

Our sensor system, which can provide simulation and remote motion control to the motion capture (Motion Capture), cinema-animation and robotic engineering sectors, has been created with a ready-to-use wired prototype. We continue to work on the wireless second and third generation, suitable for use in different sectors.


-Power Management Algorithms for IoT Systems

-Battery Management Systems Design (BMS)

Design of Specific Power Units (ALGEBRA AUTOMOBIL)


Electrical Controller Control System

Scalable CNC Router Systems

Refrigerator Gas Determination Tester (Vestel)

Vehicle Mounted Dynamic Shooting Camera System


Electric Sports Car ‘Axiom Concept Car’ Project

Power unit, BMS and cooling system design and environmental tests were carried out by us for Italy based company ALGEBRA AUTOMOBILI SRL.

Design Optimizations in Automotive Industrial Standards

-We undertook the design and topology optimization (dynamic load) of automotive spare parts for Ege Fren.

-We undertook the design and topology optimization (weight) of automotive spare parts for YDS Zeren.



H-motion v1.o

H-motion v2.0*

Surgical Head Lamp (Northern Dental)

Record Box

Dental Mixer Inserts

Surgical Aspirator Design and Production Optimization Feasibility Study (Bıçakçılar Medikal)


Camera Motion System (SkyPROP)

H-motion v1.0 *


Mold Design

Producibility Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Volume Production