Author: hakkı onur

  • 3D Modeling Based on CT/BT/MRI Data

    Unveiling the Extraordinary: Personalized 3D Modeling for Comprehensive Medical Insights! Embark on a transformative journey with Honer Engineering, where innovation and precision converge to bring you unparalleled Personalized 3D Modeling Based on CT/BT/MRI data Design services. Our commitment goes beyond creating designs; we sculpt lifelike representations of your biology, offering in-depth analyses of organs and…

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  • Powerline and Battery System Design

    Revitalize your projects with the dynamic capabilities of our Powerline and Battery System Design services, meticulously crafted for a spectrum of applications, including Electric Vehicle (EV) systems. From groundbreaking firmware development to the implementation of real-time control systems, we specialize in the optimization of battery performance, ensuring seamless compliance with stringent industry standards. Place your…

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